Brie Larson And Rooney Mara Jumped Out The Window During A College Party

10.09.15 4 years ago

Future Oscar nominee Brie Larson dropped by The Tonight Show to promote Room, her new movie about a mother and son who are locked in a shed for five years, by telling a story about when she and BFF Rooney Mara jumped out the window during a college party. If only sheds had windows…

At the time, Larson was filming a movie in Rhode Island, where she decided to stop by a party held by the Frisbee team at Brown. As one does. What happened next is basically a scene out of every 1980s teen comedy: She got a contact high (for the first time, natch), heard the cops knocking on the door, jumped out the window with Mara, got lost, and hitched a ride from a Weird Al look-alike who was dressed in a tinfoil suit of armor. The LARP-er then locked Larson and Mara in a shed, and oh god, IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN.

Note: It didn’t happen again. It was the real Weird Al who did it.

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