‘Broad City’ Will Bleep Out The Name Of A Certain ‘Orange Person’ For All Of Season Four

Broad City returns to Comedy Central with all new episodes on August 23rd, and the world is a very different place than it was in season three when Abbi and Ilana met Hillary Clinton, enthusiastically and filled with hope — if that wasn’t clear enough by their Inauguration Day web exclusive. In fact, the election of Donald Trump had an adverse impact on the fourth season, as Ilana Glazer revealed to USA Today that they had written episodes in the mindset of a Hillary Clinton America until “this game-show host became president” and they were forced to rewrite a good deal of the season. (Broad City was not the only Comedy Central series to experience this hurdle.)

One such episode in the upcoming season deals with Ilana’s so-called “witch powers” being in jeopardy due to the presidential administration, “because it’s just so hard to (orgasm) when you know so many people are in such danger.” Apparently she finds a “wild” way to work through her issue, but viewers won’t hear the Drumpf’s name uttered a single time, as she elaborated: “There’s no airtime for this orange (person). We bleep his name the whole season.”

Interestingly enough, the trailer for season four seems to feature a snippet from the episode in question, and although “Trump” is not bleeped in the clip, the word that comes immediately before it is. You can probably take a guess as to what that word is, or just watch for yourself below.

(Via USA Today)