The Love Is Real In The ‘Broad City’ Season Three Trailer

Yassss queens, Broad City is almost back.

The Comedy Central series, starring the inimitable Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, returns on February 17, and based on the new trailer, we can expect dog hoodies, vibrators, Tony Danza, open sex friends, “perv” hats, and for some reason, Blake Griffin. Yes, all of that will do quite nicely.

Glazer and Jacobson recently spoke to Time Out New York about their new BFF, Hillary Clinton, appearing on the show, which is actually pretty amazing considering in that same interview, the Broad City duo talk about blumpkins.

Jacobson: We wrote this episode where Ilana stumbles into Hillary’s campaign and is like, “Where am I?” We wrote it so that it could exist with or without Hillary, but we were like, “F*ck it, let’s just see.” We’re always like, “Fuck it, let’s just see.” That’s how we got Amy Poehler involved in the show in the first place.

Glazer: We blue-sky in the beginning of the season. Just throw it out there, nothing’s stupid. So we came up with this that early on. And the whole writing season, which is so existentially dreadful, the Hillary thing was like, Could we do it? Is she gonna do it? I can’t believe we f*cking got her. (Via)

They f*cking got her, which I think means Bernie Sanders has to appear on Nathan For You.

(Via Time Out New York)

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