'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' GIF Recap: No One Will Ever Believe You

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03.19.14 50 Comments
I’m just going to go ahead and call it: I officially now look more forward to Brooklyn Nine-Nine than Parks and Recreation. It’s nothing personal: One brilliant series starts to gain momentum while another inevitably starts to fade. It’s the TV circle of life. Last night’s episode, “Unsolvable,” saw Peralta busying himself with a cold case to try to distract himself from Santiago — who is still dating that guy who you’ve probably been trying to figure out where you know him from for two weeks now. (He was in the high school reunion episode of Party Down, as well as that weak fart Perfect Couples.)

Meanwhile, it’s been nice to see Detective Rosa evolving into something beyond a one dimensional character these past few weeks, as we learn about her and Gina’s secret bathroom — which Rosa uses her new-found empathy to let Boyle in on their little secret. This paved the way for finally giving Scully and Hitchcock something to do. I think this might be the first time the two of them have had more than like three combined lines in one episode?





BEST COLD OPEN EVER. Holt is like the Bill Murray of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.





Of course Boyle would have a crush of the teapot from Beauty and the Beast.


Scully thinks thumb tacks are an acceptable form of confetti.



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