Bryan Cranston And His Fake Mustache Join Stephen Colbert For ‘Too Much Exposition Theater’

If you thought our only dose of the highly addictive Bryan Cranston came with his excellent Donald Trump impression this week, the late night show that is having a little identity crisis has a special treat for us. Promoting his new film, The Infiltrator, Cranston visited his old dancing partner Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Monday night, and the host commended the actor for his terrific ability to play complex characters like Walter White, Dalton Trumbo, and now Robert Mazur, the U.S. Customs special agent who went undercover in the 1980s to bust up money-laundering operations and drug cartels. (The same guy who won’t let people take pictures of him, so we just have to assume he looks a little like Cranston.)

However, what Colbert wants to know is how well Cranston can handle characters that aren’t as complex and are, quite frankly, poorly written. In “Too Much Exposition Theatre,” Cranston does just that, but more importantly, his eye patch and mustache have me thinking that it’s finally time for a live action Laff-A-Lympics film. Cranston can star as Dread Baron and Mumbly will be played by Danny DeVito. And who will play Orful Octopus, you ask? Come on, man. It’s Josh Gad.