Bud Light Is Trotting Out Spuds MacKenzie — In Ghost Form! — For This Year’s Super Bowl Commercial

Did you know that this year’s Super Bowl will mark the 30th anniversary of beloved Bud Light mascot, Spuds MacKenzie? It’s true! Spuds first appeared in a Super Bowl XXI commercial in 1987, and to mark this momentous occasion, Anheuser-Busch is bringing back ol’ Spuds for a spot in this year’s Super Bowl. But because sadly, the life span of a Bull Terrier is only approximately 10-14 years, Spuds has since dearly departed, and it is his ghost who appears to haunt a guy who decided to stay in for a night because his “soul can’t rest when people don’t drink Bud Lights with friends.”

In what is clearly a takeoff on A Christmas Carol, Spuds proceeds to take the guy back in time one week to show him all the fun his friends were having without him, and then to a few days ago, before finally bringing him to the present time to send him into his friend’s house with a case of Bud Light. It’s like jeez Spuds, why so pushy? It’s 2017, maybe the guy just needed a little self care. Also important, if Spuds can’t open a beer can because of his lack of thumbs, how the hell is he holding it in his paw?

If that’s not enough Spuds MacKenzie for you, Bud Light also released the above blooper reel from the Ghost Spuds commercial. Since I didn’t mention before, is that… Carl Weathers voicing Spuds? No mention of a stew or anything, SMH.