Generations Of ‘Sesame Street’ Fans Are Reacting To The News Of Big Bird Actor Caroll Spinney’s Death

On Sunday afternoon, Sesame Street broke the news of Caroll Spinney’s death on Twitter and in an official statement. The actor and puppeteer, who was 85 years old, had joined the program back in 1969 and helped to create and perform the characters Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch from then on to his retirement late last year. Now, Sesame Street fans of all shapes, sizes, and generations are reacting to the show’s sad announcement on social media.

Many came from journalists and writers who, whether for numerous profile pieces or their own edification, had had the privilege of meeting and speaking with Spinney.

Others were written by actors and various Hollywood professionals, like Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander, Frozen 2‘s Josh Gad, and more.

And while a few fans who were able to meet Spinney at various conventions and other gatherings began sharing their photos with the puppeteer…

…it was really the massive — and still ongoing — outpouring of love from the man’s massive fan base that stood out among the reactions, condolences, and commendations.

Spinney died in his Connecticut home early Sunday morning. According to the official release, he had been diagnosed (and living) with Dystonia “for some time.” Whether the neurological disorder had anything to do with his passing, however, has not been made public.