A CBS Chicago Reporter Was Attacked By An Obama Protester While NBC Filmed It

President Barack Obama was in Chicago yesterday for two fundraisers to help raise a crapload of money for the DNC, so naturally the Windy City was abuzz with their hometown hero stopping by for a few hours. CBS Chicago reporter Jay Levine hit the streets with all of the other local media yappers to fill us in on the purpose of Barry’s visit, but he was interrupted before he could give his full report. An Obama protester who might have also been Turtle from Entourage tried to grab Levine’s microphone from him to get his message across that “Obama is a war criminal!”

But while the CBS report was cut off, NBC Chicago’s Mary Ann Ahern got over her initial scare at the mild attack and promptly ditched her report to give us the good stuff, namely the protester getting the older brother “human cushion” treatment by Levine’s crew member.

Some people, including the person who made the video, said that Levine took a swing at the protester, but all I see is a “Hey you, get away from me!” arm swipe. I was hoping that he took a full swing, because that would have been good TV. Hell, at the very least, Levine owed us a good “Shut the f*ck up, pal.”