Celebrate The Roots ‘Tonight Show’ Gig By Watching Their Performance With Ghostface Killah

Senior Pop Culture Editor
04.09.13 8 Comments

Yeah, yeah, Jimmy Fallon to The Tonight Show, Seth Meyers maybe to Late Night, Jay Leno to the great car garage in the sky (he keeps his collection of Maseratis buried in a cloud — he has a lot of money). But what about the Roots? Where will they be come 2014? According to Questlove, they’re staying with Jimmy.

“We’re not going to The Tonight Show; The Tonight Show is coming to us,” said bandleader Questlove in a recent interview with Fuse.tv. “Basically, it’s going to be the same show. That’s a year from now; anything can happen. Right now, we’re just very concerned and just concentrating on still doing our thing at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We’re honored to receive the baton and pass down tradition.” (Via)

That news is as excellent as the Roots performance with Ghostface Killah (and Adrian Younge, Master Killa, and Killah Priest) on Late Night last night, and considering the Wu-Tang member raps about ninjas and Tony Stark, that’s VERY excellent, indeed. Ghostface’s Twelve Reasons to Die is streaming on NPR now.

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