Channing Tatum Is Developing An A&E Reality Show About His Bourbon Street Restaurtant/Bar, Saints & Sinners

Last year Filmdrunk mascot C-Tates, aka Channing Tatum, opened his very own restaurant/bar, Saints & Sinners, in New Orleans on Bourbon Street. According to Keith Kurtz, C-Tates’ partner in the venture, the two decided to open the joint because they both loved Bourbon Street but felt that the disgusting, piss-stained, foul-smelling strip home to every social disease known to man (I can say such things because I’m a local. Bourbon Street is a terrible place made to lure tourists, New Orleans’ version of Times Square.) lacked a little something for the ladies. So they opened a place whose menu includes a $40 4-lb. burger, because the ladies can’t get enough C-Tates meat.

Saints and Sinners: come for the $3 cocktails, stay for the Helen Keller quotes.

So ANYWAY, now there’s a Saints & Sinners reality show in the works, because of course there is.

Reports Entertainment Weekly:

EW has confirmed that Channing Tatum is developing an hourlong reality pilot for A&E that revolves around Saints & Sinners, a Bourbon Street bar/restaurant that Tatum opened with friend and business partner Keith Kurtz last fall. Tatum and Kurtz will executive produce, as will Original Media’s Charlie Corwin.

Saints & Sinners offers ”food, spirits, music, and a sinfully good time,” according to its website. “Styled after the famous red-light district bordellos and burlesque halls of New Orleans’ Storyville era, Saints & Sinners is Tatum’s tribute to the city’s ribald, good-time reputation.”

Expect lots of wrought iron, red accents, and brightly-colored drinks in martini glasses. Just don’t count on seeing Tatum’s famous abs; it’s currently unclear whether the actor will appear in the prospective series.

The show has to feature C-Tates hanging with his boyz there, right? I mean, it HAS TO.

(All pics via the Saints and Sinners Facebook page)