Check Out This Extended Trailer For ‘The Venture Bros.’ Triumphant Return

It’s been a long time since The Venture Bros. graced the public with its presence on television. July 2013 to be exact. That’s too damn long for a show that damn good. At least it has been worth the wait in the past, with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick churning out great episodes full of characters you actually care about.

The show is returning for a one hour special next Monday and this extended trailer is the first real look we’ve gotten at what to expect. Space is the general theme this time around and everybody seems to be heading out there to play around on the brand new Gargantua-2 space station. Fans will remember that the station predecessor crashed way back in season two, with all the sexual frustration one grown man could handle.

The only way this special could be any better is if the new season were starting right after. It can’t be long, though.

(Via Adult Swim)