Chelsea Handler Tweeted A Photo Of Her Boob To Promote Her Town Hall With Dave Grohl

Chelsea Handler has a SiriusXM Town Hall special thing airing Thursday, in which she’ll be answering questions about her career and upcoming Netflix special. Dave Grohl is hosting it for some reason, because I guess Dave Grohl apparently has literally nothing better to do with his time. When I read the tweet I was in all seriousness like, oh, Chelsea Handler is hosting a town hall for Dave Grohl — but it’s the other way around. Whatever, don’t ask me.

So because Dave Grohl isn’t a big enough name to promote this thing already, Handler tweeted out this random picture of herself yesterday with three friends (is that Gwyneth Paltrow on the right?) and her boob pulled out of her bikini top. We can’t show boobs on UPROXX — sorry, thems the rules — so you’ll have to go to her Twitter page if you want to see a picture of Chelsea Handler’s boob.

If anyone attends Chelsea Handler’s town hall, please ask her why she tweeted a picture of her boob to promote her town hall.