Chevy Chase Will Return to 'Community' Next Season to Crap on the Grave of Dan Harmon

It’s been TWO WHOLE DAYS since we mentioned “Community” on the site, and since we know your brains are like sieves and you’ll forget about the show if it’s not brought up at least once every 48 hours, here’s some real, actual “Community” news: Despite speculation to the contrary, Chevy Chase will be back next season. In fact, according to Deadline, the ENTIRE cast will be back next season to go through the motions of pretending that the fourth season of “Community” will, in any way, resemble the Dan Harmon years. As a special f**k you to Harmon, the fourth season will be the Chevy Chase Year! Guh.

Also, if you’re geeky and into that sort of thing, the cast — except for Chevy Chase (who has other commitments) and Donald Glover (who is too busy being awesome) — will be at Comic Con next month. The new showrunners, David Guarascio and Moses Port, are not happy about that, according to their Twitter account:

NBC is trying to make us go to some comic book store in San Diego this summer to promote Community. Sounds like a waste of time … Apparently this San Diego thing NBC wants us to go to is a comic book convention. Um, Community is a TV show, not a comic book, you doofs!!!

But don’t worry, they totally have the next season under control:

We have old Just Shoot Me scripts. Gonna change the characters’ names, make it a college instead of a lady magazine, & let the cameras roll.

They are a little bummed, however, that Dan Harmon has given them such a chilly reception:

Dan Harmon still hasn’t called to congratulate us on the Critics Choice Award.

The new season of “Community” kicks off on October 19th.

We had NBC push our premiere back to October 19th so we could have our epic six-week cast and crew air hockey tournament. We’re pumped!

(And yes, I know it’s a fake Twitter account. Thanks Rayna for the heads up).