We Sincerely Hope Chris Gethard Is Being 100 Percent Serious About His Pitch To Conan O’Brien

If you haven’t watched The Chris Gethard Show on truTV, you should. Not only is comedian Chris Gethard’s wonderfully impulsive late night talk show better than ever (thanks to its return to live television), but he and his team’s dedication to crazy, chaotic on-camera antics shows no signs of letting up. After all, this is the same former public access series that once made an entire episode out of guessing what was inside of a fake garbage Dumpster. So far, Gethard Show‘s move to truTV has blessed audiences with The Impractical Jokerswanton destruction of the new set, a cross-country trip to deliver random prizes to a viewer, and John Mulaney.

Following Gethard’s appearance on Tuesday’s Conan, however, a future episode of Gethard Show may include the titular host, Conan O’Brien, and the frantic search for “one random onion ring” in a studio filled with french fries. “I want you to come to New York. I want to fill my studio entirely with french fries,” Gethard explained. “We looked it up. It want an 18-inch thick layer of french fries. My producers looked it up. It’s going to be 1.5 million french fries in my studio, and one onion ring… Me and you spend the entire hour on live TV looking for that onion ring. That’s it!”

Despite the Conan audience’s cheers, O’Brien couldn’t help sporting a bemused look while Gethard concluded his pitch. “If you are the one to find the onion ring, you win a prize. You get to eat the onion ring!” Hence why, when the former Late Night and Tonight Show host answered Gethard, his response was a straightforward “no.” That said, the two men concluded the segment with earnest comments about the loose possibility of making the “One Man’s Onion Ring” episode of Gethard Show a fast food reality sometime in the near future. Conan‘s official Twitter account even acknowledged the pitch with a tweet.

But seriously, how amazing would it be to watch two of this generation’s greatest comedic minds spend an hour on live television in a studio with 1.5 million french fries, searching for a single onion ring? Uproxx reached out to Gethard for comment, specifically asking just how serious the Career Suicide star was being when he pitched O’Brien. We’ll let you know what he says, especially if his sincerity results in the Conan’s joked-about scenario coming true. In other words, his procuring an onion ring in the first few minutes, requiring the pair to “[talk] about nothing in a sea full of cold, greasy french fries” on live television.

UPDATE: Not that it’s too surprising, but Gethard responded in much the same manner as he delivered his pitch on Conan. “I couldn’t be more serious about it,” he tweeted. In addition, the host told Uproxx he was as “[s]erious as the heart attack that would be caused by consuming 1.5 million french fries.”

Your move, Conebone.