Chris Parnell On His ‘Archer’ German Accent Being A Product Of Google Translate, And How He Never Broke Character On ‘SNL’

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While the storyline on Archer keeps changing to an intense degree, moving from the detective noir genre to a tropical island adventure over the last two seasons, the enviable cast of characters has remained the same. Well, sort of. This time around, Chris Parnell is voicing Siegbert Fuchs instead of Cyril Figgis.

Uproxx recently spoke with Parnell and discussed the differences between the two characters, whether he feels like anything was left behind in the realm inhabited by Archer during its first seven seasons, and the time the former SNL castmember was saved from breaking character during a sketch thanks to eye pain.

How is Fuchs similar to Cyril? How is he different?

He’s pretty different than Cyril. The voice ends up being very different because he’s German. You know, I don’t know. To be honest, I didn’t make a great effort to tie him in overtly to Cyril, but I think he’s sort of… he’s got some of the parts of Cyril’s personality… maybe from last season, when Cyril was darker, was kind of a bad guy. But that’s times a thousand now.

Do you go into this as if it’s an entirely different show and an entirely different character completely divorced from the mythology with Cyril?

It’s still Adam’s [Reed] writing and we’ve still got Archer there. We have other characters there who are… some of whom are not as different from their counterparts in prior seasons as I am. So, no, it’s a similar sort of world, but the character’s pretty different so I didn’t. There are parts of Cyril that come through, I think, in Siegbert.

I sort of approach every script the same way, which is just to see what Adam has written and how do I inhabit this as fully as I can and there’s going to be stuff in the writing that reminds us that this is a character connected to Cyril. Certainly in Archer’s mind. I think the similarities are there more in the writing and sort of the approach to him; probably more than in the way that I’m playing him.


Curious if you feel a sense of unfinished business with the actual Cyril character in the Archer prime story and if you have a want to go back there. Or are you content to go wherever this goes?