Christina Milian Got Her Nipple Pierced On TV And Said The Pain Was ‘Worse Than Childbirth’

If anyone was wondering what Christina Milian was up to, the now 33-year-old singer and actress can currently be seen on her own VH1 reality series, Christina Milian Turned Up, which premiered on Sunday. So what happened during Sunday’s premiere, you ask? All sorts of fascinating stuff! Such as Christina Milian getting her nipple pierced on camera, and … well, I don’t really know what else. But do you really need more than that?

Milian claimed that the pain was “worse than childbirth,” because I guess no one told her that having a steel needle shoved through her nipple wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. But on the plus side: ratings! There you go, future celebrity VH1 reality stars. The bar has been set. So when Snow eventually gets his very own reality show, the only way he’s going to top this is getting a Prince Albert in the first episode.

(Via BroBible)