Chuck Lorre Has Sold Another Mediocre Sitcom To CBS

Before dealing with topics and key demographics, a.k.a “people,” as diverse as douchebags (Two and a Half Men), nerds (The Big Bang Theory), the obese (Mike and Molly), and Charlie Sheen on a cocaine high (real life), Chuck Lorre was the voice of a single mom generation, having created Cybill and Grace Under Fire, two shows everyone knows, but knows nothing about. Cybill‘s the one where everyone dies, right? I’ll assume yes.

He’ll return to his flower print shirt roots in 2013, though, with a new sitcom called simply, maddeningly Mom.

Comedy king Chuck Lorre is expanding his relationship with CBS with a new half-hour project, which is instantly becoming a top prospect for the network’s fall 2013 schedule. The network has given a pilot production order to Mom, a multi-camera comedy from Lorre, who…co-wrote [the series] on spec with two members of his Two and a Half Men team, executive producer Eddie Gorodetsky and story editor Gemma Baker. Mom centers on a newly sober single mom tries to pull her life together in Napa Valley. (Via)

And thus, the Chuck Lorre “ladies be divorcing” trilogy came to its inevitable conclusion, not with a bang or a whimper, but with an ironic premise (OMGZ SHE’S A DRUNK BUT LIVES IN WINE COUNTRY) and jokes about how just like wine, “this separated mom only gets finer with age,” probably.

That’s right! It’s the one with the theme song! Classic Cybill.