A Classic ‘Star Wars’ Character Will Be Re-Introduced In Season Three Of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’

When the Legends canon came into being for the Star Wars expanded universe, many were weeping all that was lost from Star Wars lore. For years, all people had for new Star Wars storylines was featured in the books, comics, and other video game properties. Characters were introduced and fans fell in love with them, including mainstays like Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The status of those characters was in limbo for a bit, until now. During our visit to the Star Wars: Rebels panel at the Star Wars celebration, it was revealed that Thrawn will be making his return to the main canon as a villain on Rebels.

Now sure, it’s no appearance in Rogue One, but this is the open door that fans have wanted for characters from the expanded universe. Having him appear on Rebels allows Thrawn to show up elsewhere because he’s canon now. His blue skin, red eyes, and slick looking uniform are available for work.

Even better, Lars Mikkelsen is voicing Thrawn and getting on with the family in the Star Wars universe — Mads Mikkelsen is in Rogue One later this year, so it’s all very cool. Not only will Thrawn show up in the series, but there will be a new Thrawn book written by creator Timothy Zahn set for release in April 2017.

Also returning will be Wedge Antilles, making the jump from being an Imperial Tie Fighter pilot to his signature role as the most successful Rogue Squadron pilot in the series. He doesn’t crash once!

(Via Star Wars)