CNN’s Disgraceful Coverage Of The Protests In Turkey, In One Photo

The image you see above comes from Redditor “manolo88” who earlier today wrote, “My Turkish friend posted this on Facebook, on the left is Turkish CNN, and on the right is international CNN.” Should you think, as I originally did, that maybe the TV on the left was airing a commercial or digitally manipulated, think again.

Turk here. I can see why you would think that but, nope, this is exactly what it looks like. It was a long documentary about penguins, I think this one and this is just one of the many programs they keep showing while Turkey is burning. Before the penguin show there was a cooking show, if I remember correctly.

They refuse to share atrocities going on in all over Turkey and what little news they do offer either doesn’t pay justice to the gravity of the situation, or consists of airing the speeches of government officials who try to put the blame on the protesters. Turkish brand of CNN really did drop the ball on this one and there is a massive boycott and uproar against them right now, along with other TVs and newspapers that remain quiet. (Via)

In other words:

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