Conan Charms Schoolkids In Port-au-Prince During His Tour Of Haiti

In response to President Trump’s comments referring to Haiti as a “sh*thole country,” Conan O’Brien decided to take his show on the road again and give viewers a more accurate look at the nation and its people. He’s done international specials in the past, and the rollout for this special has been one big middle finger to our Commander in Chief. In the first preview, he offered Haitians the opportunity to insult President Trump and defend their country against his criticisms, because that’s only fair, right?

The second preview focuses more on the country’s charm, with O’Brien visiting Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje in Port-au-Prince, hanging out with some of the schoolchildren and getting a chance to witness the next generation of Haitians in action. Trump’s rhetoric is focused on othering, while the insight that O’Brien’s travels and presentation offers is that people are people, no matter where they’re from. Kids still like to play with their friends and goof off in class the world over.

This interaction definitely proved one thing, though: watching a giant man struggle to fit into tiny furniture is universally hilarious. The kids were obviously as delighted by Conan as he was by them, making the entire segment pretty damn charming.

Conan Without Borders airs Saturday, January 27th, at 10 p.m. EST.