Conan’s Trip To Qatar With The First Lady Gets The Animated Adventure It Deserves

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Conan’s big #MissionConan special with Michelle Obama in Qatar is happening tonight and unlike his other remote episodes, Conan was unable to film a lot of the trip behind his appearance at Al Udeid Air Base. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t describe how it happened, it just meant he and his staff had to get a little creative.

So instead of a live-action cold open, we get the finest animation government assistance can buy. And it’s something special, while being even worse than what the Taiwan animators can offer. Conan not only almost forces the presidential plane to crash, he becomes a servant on a Portuguese fishing vessel, a member of a group of Saudi bandit’s harem, and somehow gets his hands on a camel.

We also get a chance to find out how much of a drunk Conan really is — and how much of a prude Michelle Obama is with her tomato juice. Also, so many mini bottles of vodka on a presidential aircraft is a little suspicious, isn’t it? Seems like they got a little treat from our friends in Russia, possibly from the very top of the chain. It certainly makes you think about our global partnership and what’s really going on behind the scenes, right? Globalists controlling our drinking water, replacing it with vodka at the behest of the government. It’s happening people and only one guy is willing to tell the truth.


(Via Team Coco)

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