Conan O’Brien Told A Great College Story About Tricking Bill Cosby Into Thinking He Won An Award

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Conan O’Brien was on The Howard Stern Show this morning, where he told a delightful story about how he and his Harvard Lampoon buddies tricked Bill Cosby into thinking he won an award. This wasn’t a malicious prank, mind you. Conan and his friends devised this entire scheme to lure Cosby to Boston just because they wanted to… well, meet Bill Cosby. And it worked! Cosby and his entourage actually flew to Boston to accept a completely fake award.

I’m not sure what my favorite part of this story is. That 19-year-old Conan O’Brien showed up at the airport to pick Bill Cosby up in his parents beat up old station wagon that said “Spruce Point Inn” on the side, or that Cosby produced a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder wrapper from the back seat of said station wagon, or that the trophy itself was just an altered bowling trophy. The whole thing is really just wonderful. You can listen to the full segment below:

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