Conan Gets Some Help To Send A Very Special Message To Haiti Ahead Of His Visit

Conan O’Brien announced his latest travel special over the weekend, tweeting that he’d be heading to Haiti in response to President Trump’s “sh*thole” comment about the country. The response to the president’s remarks has been highly negative, but Conan seems to be focused on bringing his comedic and good-natured attitude into the country to help counter what our current leader said.

He made the announcement official earlier in the week when his show returned from a long Christmas hiatus, but decided to continue on Wednesday by sending a message to the people of Haiti before his arrival. So to make sure he got through loud and clear, a French Creole translator arrived to help turn his words into a sweet message that all of the people of Haiti could understand. In typical Conan fashion, it goes completely off the rails.

Not only does TBS get thrown under the bus right from the start, a fine reminder of the days when it used to be NBC taking the brunt of Late Night’s jokes, but then it quickly moves in hard on O’Brien by saying he’s not allowed in many countries at this point, he’s a livestock loving freak, and that he’s too soft for anything “spicier than ketchup.”

It will be a sad day when Conan isn’t around on television to make fun of himself. Hopefully he’ll just continue to do specials like David Letterman and just spend the whole time making fun of himself and his staff.

(Via Team Coco)