Conan Unveils Museum of Conan

07.21.11 8 years ago 10 Comments

Late-night geek hero Conan O’Brien is embracing Comic-Con, unveiling the Museum of Conan Art (Coco MoCA) in San Diego. The exhibit showcases all the Conan-inspired fan art, which would be creepy and weird if it weren’t for cool things like the Team Coco poster and The Flaming C. The MoCA website is accepting submissions, and says:

Enter The Museum Of Conan Art — a museum FOR the people and BY the people. So whether you’re a painter, sketch artist, sculptor, or a Photoshop pixel-pusher, we want to see your Team Coco themed artwork. With a bit of luck, it might end up backstage in the “Conan” Green Room.

One such piece of art is a LEGO statue of The Flaming C (above, in the right window), which you can watch being constructed at the bottom of the page here.

Hmmmm… I wonder what Conan thinks about all this art?


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