Conan Fondles The Moon In A Very Sexy Tour Of The YouTube VR Studio

“Again, it’s all gonna go towards porn. You know that.” Conan says to Tom Small, the head of YouTube’s Virtual Reality department. Mr. Small may not want to admit it, but Conan’s probably right: It’s all gonna go towards porn. But for now, millions of dollars are being sunk into the development of VR so people can leave their boring office jobs or the steaming kitchens they’re trapped in 9 hours a day to fool around in a virtual office or virtual kitchen. To Conan, of course, these computer-generated worlds are being wasted — they should be hosting vigorous lovemaking sessions. If that can’t happen, then why are we here?

Why aren’t we all fondling the moon?

And what’s the point of serving corn on the cob sandwiches if you can’t have sex in the kitchen? No one knows the answer to this question, especially not Conan. So what can he do other than pour digital olive oil all over his pale body while he waits for an answer from the mindless drones programmed to work with him? Very little. He can try to entice them, but if they are not programmed to love, how can they make love?

It’s a strange hell, being stuck inside a potentially sexy virtual reality system as minions just float there, not thinking of doing it.

(Via Team Coco)