Corgi Friday: Holy Crap, DOGTV

02.17.12 14 Comments

I’m not going to lie, when I saw this video on Videogum this morning, I almost spun right off the planet. TV FOR DOGS, PEOPLE. WELCOME TO THE DAMN FUTURE. While I try to collect myself a little, please peruse this blockquote, which the heroes at Videogum found in the website’s frequently asked questions:

DOGTV was designed for dogs who have to stay home alone. While there is no need for you to watch DOGTV with your dog—unless this is his first time—you are more than welcome to watch DOGTV together! We’re sure you’ll have a great time.

HOLY ESS, I must have this channel added to my cable package immediately.
The whole thing got me thinking, though. You know what else would be a nice addition to my cable package? A different kind of dog channel, featuring wall-to-wall shows starring dogs. Shows about dog lawyers, shows about dog doctors, shows about hip, rebellious mutts moving to an upscale neighborhood and trying to fit in with all the purebreeds, etc. Hell, there’s already a dog cop show being made. We’re so close. Let’s not quit now!
Naturally, we’ll need one show devoted entirely to corgis. I’m thinking we call it “Corgi Squad,” and have it feature our favorite little furballs kicking down doors and foiling terrorist plots. I would watch that. I would watch that a lot.
After the jump, some of my favorite corgi pictures from Tumblr over the past week. Enjoy.

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