Corgi Friday: The Best of Lawyer Dog

04.20.12 13 Comments

Lawyer Dog is one of my favorite memes of 2012, if not of all time. This should come as no surprise to any of you, as it combines three things that fall squarely in my wheelhouse: pictures of dogs, crappy puns, and lawyer stuff. The only way it could possibly be tailored more towards me is if the corgi in these pictures was wearing a Phillies hat and had a Boyz II Men poster hanging up in his office. In fact, if any of you are experts in Photoshop and want to throw that together, I’d probably get it screened onto a t-shirt and wear it 4-5 days a week. (UPDATE: luv u so much, Burnsy.)

Anyway, I scoured the Internet this week collecting some of my favorite examples of this meme (most notably from sites like QuickMeme, Pleated-Jeans, Smosh, and the Uproxx Mothership), and I’ve compiled them all here for your enjoyment. I’m sure some of you have already seen them, as they’ve kind of been everywhere, but this was all too good not post. Enjoy.

FYI: You have all been billed for the time I spent putting this post together.


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