This Couple’s Rust Cohle & Dora Lange Costume Won Mardi Gras

Oh hey belated Happy Mardi Gras, everyone. This year’s festivities were tempered a bit by freezing temps and rain (F*CK YOU, POLAR VORTEX!) on Mardi Gras day but the Greatest Freak Show on Earth carried on despite the less-than-ideal conditions, with thousands and thousands of revelers taking to the streets in costume.

My personal favorite costume, for obvious reasons, was probably the one featured in the photo above in which Veronica Hunsinger-Loe and Nat Kusinitz of New Orleans’ Skin Horse Theater Company — a couple who were formerly baristas at my neighborhood coffee shop, Mojo on Magazine Street — went with a True Detective theme, with Hunsinger-Loe as Rust Cohle and Kusinitz as the ritually sacrificed Dora Lange.

As for me, it was too cold to run around in nothing but a jock strap, so my plan to do Mardi Gras as Reggie Ledoux was foiled (I supposed I can save the German WWI gasmask for Halloween). UPROXX pal Charles Halford would have been proud. Kinda pissed I didn’t think to just dress up in yellow and put a crown upon my head as an alternative though. Oh well.

(Pic via Hunsinger-Loe’s Instagram page)