Seth Rogen And Rose Byrne Help James Corden Bring ‘The Lion King’ To Crosswalk: The Musical

The last time James Corden pulled off Crosswalk The Musical, Grease was the word. And this was long before Grease Live ever became something Fox wanted to attempt. Corden is ahead of everybody there in his late-night spot and he’s doing again, this time with a Disney classic. The Lion King hit Broadway in a way that took the Disney animated movie into a more artistic stage. With his performance, Corden gives it back to the people in the middle of the street, with or without their permission.

To help out this time around, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne join the host with different levels of enthusiasm for the project. Byrne is pretty much sold on the entire idea and owns the pavement, while Rogen could care less in his role as scenery. He comes around after some chiding by Corden, ferocious in his main role.

Here’s hoping that we’ll get something a little more modern next time. Strike on Hamilton while it’s still semi-hot or drop some Book of Mormon on those late night CBS viewers. We’ll just have to wait and see for next time.

(Via The Late Late Show)