A ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Card Game Is Here And It’s Guaranteed To Make Things Awkward At Your Next House Party

Have you ever watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and thought, “Boy, I wish I were in that situation?” Well, if for some reason you have, boy do we have the game recommendation for you! Spin Master Games has created a card game based on the beloved series that completely revolves around awkward situations and finding the best way to weasel out of them.

In the Curb Your Enthusiasm: A Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good Party Game, 3-6 players to take on the role of Larry David as they compete to be the best, well, Larry David. Players do this by countering “Situation Cards” (all inspired from the cringe-inducing series, of course) with “Pretty-ay Good Excuse Cards,” which can range from “I’m so starved for affection…” to “The golden rule trumps everything.” However, the game allows then players to counter other players, forcing them in a competition with one another to create the best excuses to get out of some pretty awkward encounters. Ultimately, the first Larry David to win five situation wins the title of “Ultimate Larry David” and the game.

Included in Curb Your Enthusiasm: A Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good Party Game are 75 “Situation Cards,” 200 “Pretty-ay Good Excuse Cards,” and 25 “Try Again Larry Cards,” allowing for quite a bit of play. In addition, the game boasts itself as something everyone can play, calling itself a “perfect icebreaker for parties, get-togethers, date nights, and family game nights.” All in all, it seems this game is must buy before for those season 11 premiere parties Curb Your Enthusiasm super fans are sure to throw when it returns later this year.