The New Season Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Is A ‘Five-Year Log-Jam of Indignities’ Complete With Longer Episodes

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Larry David’s acclaimed HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm will be making its long awaited return in 2017 and the show’s absence has only made the heart grow fonder. Thankfully, the show’s extended hiatus has also provided for a bounty of IRL indignities to draw on for season 9. That’s good cranky news for everyone.

In an interview with Variety, Curb executive producer Jeff Schaffer provided the forecast of what’s ahead in Larry’s world. Schaffer says HBO has been very cool about the final cut and we can expect to see longer episodes in the new season. The season will pick up with a five year gap since we’ve last seen our favorite gaggle of hilariously petty people.

“We pick up five years later, and everything you love about the show is back,” teases Schaffer. “Larry shares brisk opinions with everyone from Uber drivers to oyster shuckers. Larry and Cheryl [Cheryl Hines] are still divorced, and they’re basically trying to live their own lives, but things are going to get very complicated because you have single Larry and single Cheryl. Larry’s been working on a singular project for the last five years, and now it’s time to show it to other people, and we’ll see how that goes. Jeff actually gets to work as his manager more this season!”

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