Cynthia Nixon Doesn’t Understand Why Everyone Hates Che Diaz

“Hey, it’s Che Diaz!” has slowly turned into the biggest jump-scare of 2022, thanks to the Sara Ramirez’ And Just Like That character, who is almost universally hated by Sex And The City fans.

Ramirez has made it clear that “Che isn’t here to be liked,” but fans are still questioning why Miranda would shun Steve to turn to the podcaster. Nixon has been taken aback by the hate for the storyline.

“I think that’s a bizarre reaction,” the actress said in a new interview with Vogue. “First of all, I think Miranda is brave, and I think Miranda is charging forward. She doesn’t know where she’s going exactly, but she knows she has to go somewhere.” That somewhere is to follow Diaz to LA and leave her husband, which seems out of character for the headstrong Miranda that fans has grown to know and love.

“She’s a loose cannon, a very opinionated loose cannon.” Nixon added. “She’s always been a bull in a china shop and losing her temper and blowing things up then having to backtrack when she calms down.” Despite the hate of the character, Nixon insists that the show is keeping with a central theme of trying to be happy.

“[Miranda] gives up her very lucrative corporate job and goes back to try and make something more of her life. As Miranda says: We’re not old, we’re 55. I mean, you’re certainly closer to the end than to the beginning. But if you’re not happy with where you are, you still have a lot of time to make a change.” Nixon added. When in doubt, start dating a podcaster!