The ‘Daily Show’ Sent Actors Posing As A Gay Couple To Alabama & Mississippi. Hilarity & Surprise Ensued.

Last night the Daily Show aired one hell of a delightful segment on the dumbing down of CNN (seriously, I feel like I’m back in kindergarten when I watch their daytime programming at times). When it was over I found it so good that I remember actually thinking that whatever they had coming up next would pale in comparison. It seemed there was no way that it couldn’t. I considered just hitting “erase” on my DVR and moving on. Boy was I wrong.

No, the show followed up the opening CNN segment with an equally, if not more hilarious follow-up: the show sent two actors pretending to be a gay couple to Mississippi and Alabama to see once and for all which state is more intolerant of homosexuality. The results — obtained through the help of the two men getting “engaged” in Waffle House locations in each state, among other things — might surprise some, but Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal summed it up well when he said, “Alabama might as well be blowing Mississippi right now.”