Trevor Noah And ‘The Daily Show’ Know How To Fund Meals On Wheels — Militarize The Program

03.29.17 12 months ago 2 Comments

Donald Trump wants a big, beautiful, tremendous military the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Why? So we can outfit our brave servicemen and women with the best help money can buy. It’s admirable, considering he thinks the military is on a losing streak of some sort. He said it himself: “We never win and we don’t fight to win,” whatever that means. So, Trump’s grand plan is to cut crucial social program funding while bolstering the military with even more cash, despite the fact that the United States spends more than most of the world combined on defense.

Now, programs like Meals on Wheels are being cut, and elderly citizens of the United States, some of which are veterans of the military Trump hopes to inject with funds, are going to suffer. It makes you wonder what exactly we’re fighting for if some elderly, who are unable to shop or cook for themselves, can’t live a decent life.

So, what needs to happen to fund Meals on Wheels if only the military is getting money? Militarize Meals on Wheels.

Take a look at Meal Team Six, an elite force that will patrol the streets and infiltrate the homes of those in need with deadly efficiency. You want food? They’ll bring you food. And unlike Trump’s recent operations, there won’t be any noncombatants catching a stray bullet. Maybe a slightly overcooked meatloaf, at worst.

You can’t expect everything to be perfect in the mealitary.

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