‘The Daily Show’ Exposes The Absurd Bro-Centric Strategies Of The Opposing Obamacare Camps

Last night, The Daily Show finally came out swinging against those ridiculous bro-centric, pro Obamacare ads that took the Internet by storm back in November. You know the ones, the meme-ified “Got Insurance?” images that focus more on youthful party activities (keg stands, shots, etc.) than actual information about health insurance. (See below for some examples.)

But a funny thing happened on Aasif Mandvi’s way to rip apart Obamacare proponents. Seeking an opinion from a conservative activist, he discovered the anti-Obamacare camp is leaning just as heavily on uninformative, party-centric outreach programs, even setting up beer pong tables at “educational” anti-Obamacare events. All while bashing the strategies of their counterparts.

His eyes opened to the absurdity of it all, Aasif was left with no choice but to make a campaign of his own. One that would truly have an impact on today’s youth. Uh, sorta.

For reference, here’s a selection of the aforementioned Obamacare ads.

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