Dan Harmon Really, Really Wants Donald Glover Back For Next Season Of ‘Community’

In a seven minute interview following the show’s Comic Con panel, TVLine’s Michael Ausiello talked the next season of Community with showrunner Dan Harmon, who admitted that he had made peace with the fact that Community had been cancelled, and he’s “as confused as everyone has been watching” about the renewal. But, he says, little will change about Community now that it’s on Yahoo (except less Bing product placement). He wants to harken back to the feel of season one and get outside more, but otherwise, he’s not planning any big changes.

As for the cast, Harmon believes that “everyone is on board,” which is to say, the regular returning cast (although, presumably, Jonathan Banks will be too busy with Better Call Saul to devote himself to a full season).

As for Donald Glover returning, Harmon says, “I told Yahoo to do everything they could do to get him back for as much as we can get him.” He also says that he and Glover have been trading voice mails, trying to nail that down. The whereabouts of his character, Harmon added, could potentially also make for a cool movie, a la The Search for Spock, but for now, the first priority is simply to get Glover back. “I would do anything to have him,” adding that it would be “lame” to have him back for one episode. Harmon wants him for the whole shebang.

Harmon also joked that, for a theme episode, he’d like to reveal that Greendale is set in a state that allows group marriage, that the entire cast gets group married, and then there’d be a $5 million crane shot that would slowly pull away to reveal the entire cast on the cafeteria floor in a group orgy writhing in ecstasy.

Sounds great, but you really need to save something for the movie.

Source: TVLine