Here’s Daniel Tosh’s Comical Take On All Of Those ‘Stolen Valor’ Videos Popping Up Online

So there’s a slew of “Stolen Valor” videos floating around the Internet. If you’re unfamiliar, like I was before checking it out, they feature people wearing military uniforms of different varieties being called out for faking their service in order to gain free items and praise in their daily life. It gets its name from the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 and it would seem that plenty of people take it quite seriously. And who can blame them? Some of these fake soldiers are real jokers.

That’s probably what drew Daniel Tosh to the topic, not to mention that the actual videos are pretty funny when you’re not actually involved with what’s going on. He does the normal Tosh.0 deal of running through various clips, including a classic featuring “Ronnie” and his hodgepodge of a uniform, but then he dives into his own version of a Stolen Valor incident.

(Via Comedy Central / Bro Bible)