An Investigation Into What Daryl Dixon Did Before ‘The Walking Dead’

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01.06.16 2 Comments


While the characters on The Walking Dead regularly share their backstories with one another, Daryl Dixon’s (Norman Reedus) past remains mostly shrouded in mystery save for an admission that he mostly wandered around doing what Merle told him to do. But while that generally speaks to the characters past, it’s pretty unlikely that he never held down a job at any point in his life because liquor, leather, motorcycles, and meth cost money, so here are a few educated guesses on what Daryl might have taken on and fallen short on in the past based on his particular set of skills.

Sporting Goods Salesman



Along with his chopper, his leather vest, and his dreamy disposition, Daryl’s crossbow is an essential aspect of his character. While it gives him the notable advantage of being a near-silent assassin amongst hyper-aware zombies, its reload time makes it an unusual choice as a go-to weapon, though it may give a clue to his possible background. Like, say, someone who worked retail in the sporting goods industry. Most likely specializing in used weaponry — like the kind you’d find in the back of a pawn shop, given how difficult it is to imagine Daryl putting up with wearing a uniform and name tag at a big-box store.

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