Reviewing The Evidence That Suggests Daryl Might Die On ‘The Walking Dead’

02.09.16 3 years ago 19 Comments

Before your heart falls out of its chest, let’s just get this out of the way first: No, we do not know with any certainty if Daryl Dixon will die on The Walking Dead. Yet. However, this is a series where the creator has openly admitted that no one is safe (except Carol), and the tea leaves — if held up to the light in just the right way — have also hinted that Norman Reedus’ time on the series may be coming to an end.

Here’s the evidence that has us worried about Daryl’s character in the back half of season six (some spoilers abound).

The ‘Walking Dead’ Has A Daryl Dixon Problem

We’ve talked about this at length
. Daryl wasn’t a character in Robert Kirkman’s original comic, so in the series, the writers have been forced to give the storylines of some other characters to Daryl to keep him around. It’s meant a reduced presence for characters like Abraham and Michonne, who served as Rick’s top advisors in the comics. Likewise, Carol wasn’t around this long in the comics and she’s also serving as something of a strong Rick ally, and there’s only so many characters who can provide this function. Someone is going to have to go. Could Daryl — who has no comic book storylines to fall back on — be the odd man out?

(Comic spoilers)

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