VH1 Made A Major Change To ‘Dating Naked’ For The Second Season

Season two of VH1’s bare-it-all reality show Dating Naked is just around the corner, ensuring the summer stays steamy with blurred-out boobs and packages galore. The show is the latest in a trend of birthday suit-loving programs that, despite occasional litigation, remain very popular.

Filmed in the Philippines, the second season promises more awkward encounters of nudity. It will follow a different format, however. Per Entertainment Weekly:

EW has learned that instead of offering up new contestants every week, the second season focuses on two primary daters, who will remain with the show for the entire 10-episode season. Our two extremely brave souls are Kerri Cipriani, a 25-year-old traveling nurse recruiter from Tampa whose (ex-)boyfriend cheated on her with a woman whose phone number she dared him to try to procure, and Chris Aldrich, a 27-year-old financial consultant/accountant from San Diego who “lost the girl of his dreams when he didn’t take her or her dreams seriously.”

Each week, Chris and Kerri will embark on nude romantic adventures with two new suitors. At the end of the episode, they can each select one of them to remain on the island.

Dating Naked is set to return on July 15th at 9 p.m. EST.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)