Dave Foley’s Best ‘Kids In The Hall’ Sketches

01.04.15 4 years ago 29 Comments


Dave Foley is 52 years old today, and to celebrate, we’re going to look back at some of his best efforts on The Kids In The Hall. Foley got his start with the Canadian sketch comedy troupe, and for seven years, they brought us some of the funniest sketch comedy the world has ever seen. In these six sketches, Foley was at his absolute best.

Bad Doctor

A great monologue in which Dave plays what might be the worst doctor in the world. He explains that he has coasted by on charm his entire life, and as a result, is now Chief Surgeon at a large hospital despite having no qualifications whatsoever. At the end of the sketch, Dave reveals that the inspiration for his sketch was his very real fear of medical malpractice.

A Good Attitude Towards Menstruation

Ladies, Dave wants you to know that he has a good attitude towards menstruation, so much so that he utters that phrase several times during this hilarious monologue. As it goes on, we realize that Dave might actually have too good of an attitude towards the process, to the point where it starts to come of a little creepy. But hey, if he were Shaman, he wouldn’t be so competitive.


Dave basically predicts Fox News with this monologue, as a paranoid commentator who wants to let us know that even though the Cold War is over, those Russians still can’t be trusted. Not when they’re teaming up with the Killer Bees! Seriously, turn on Hannity for about five minutes and see if you don’t stuff just as crazy as everything Dave says in this bit. This segment was a little too prophetic.

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