David Schwimmer's Neighbors Wrote 'Ross Is Not Cool' Outside His House

That photo, with context:

Three years ago, Friends star David Schwimmer bought a gorgeous 9,000sq ft. townhouse in New York City’s East Village. He then had it torn down in 2011, naturally, to make way for a sleek new residence fit for a guy who once owned a monkey. Residents of the area quickly grew upset at Ross, as one is wont to do, because the original building, constructed in 1852, was, like so many police chiefs, only one year away from retirement, er, receiving landmark status. Rather than play copies of The Pallbearer at deafening levels to keep Schwimmer up all night (one problem: he hasn’t moved in yet; also, good luck finding a copy of The Pallbearer), his neighbors instead left him a message, one that anyone who’s lived with a passive aggressive paleontologist knows all too well.

That photo, without context: