David X. Cohen Reveals Which 'Futurama' Characters Almost Got A Spin-Off (And The Morning Links)

Matt Groening gets all the credit, but the real Futurama mastermind is David X. Cohen, who conducted a Reddit AMA in honor of the show’s final season yesterday. Someone asked which characters would be most likely to get a spin-off, and he said, “The one we almost attempted on several occasions was the Zapp & Kif show. My glorious dream was to do a Star Trek-style episode where we stayed with Zapp and Kif’s mission the entire time, and just have them run into the Planet Express crew at some point…We never quite figured out the story for this one. Also we were nervous that people would get confused and angry, and throw things at the TV. I guess we panicked and chickened out. Now I feel bad.” Brannigan’s spinoff is like Brannigan’s skills with the ladies: nonexistent. (Via)

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