This ‘Deadbeat’ Season 3 Teaser Will Give ‘Ghostbusters’ Fans A Brand New High

Although Ghostbusters is still a few months away from hitting the big screen, fans of the series will certainly appreciate the teaser for season three of Hulu’s Deadbeat. Tyler Labine and Kal Penn will inspire a lot of  Ghostbusters cosplayers to mod their proton packs so they can rip bong hits while shrinking New York City’s ghost population. Who knows, maybe some stoner scientists are already working on it.

Kal Penn will be playing Clyde; a stoner bro who works with medium and marijuana aficionado, Kevin Pacalioglu played by Tyler Labine. Although Penn took a break from acting to work for the Obama administration, we’re totally stoked to see Penn go back to his roots with this new role. Penn will appear in all 13 episodes of season three and if this teaser is any indication of it, Clyde is going to be a perfect sidekick for Pac. The duo meet each other in prison (Not Guantanamo Bay, but seriously what’s with Kal Penn playing stoners who get locked up?) and when they get out they decide to partner up on a business venture together.

Like last season, Deadbeat season three will appropriately hit (pun intended) Hulu’s paid subscription service on April 20.

(Via: TV Series Finale)