Did Rue Relapse On ‘Euphoria?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Euphoria will be found below.)

Last week’s episode of Euphoria saw Rue Bennett take an honest step towards rehab and sobriety. Her struggles with withdrawals stand as low moments for Rue, but there are also some highs (the good kind at least) for her. It includes Rue mustering up the strength to apologize to Ali for her harsh words towards him in episode four. Rue’s improvements are all with the expectation that she’ll be able to enter rehab in the next few days. However, all of that comes crashing down when Leslie, Rue’s mom, is informed that they will not give inpatient care to Rue, which leaves her worried about Rue’s health in the future.

Did Rue Relapse On ‘Euphoria?’

After Leslie, Jules, Elliot, and Gia dispose of Rue’s luggage of drugs, Rue has not relapsed. However, there is the concern that Rue could once again relapse due to the hospital’s inability to accept her into inpatient care. Rue seems to be doing a lot better in scenes like enjoying dinner with Gia, Ali, and Leslie and watching Lexi’s play Oklahoma. Episode seven does not spend much time on Rue’s progress towards sobriety as the focus is on Oklahoma. Hopefully, episode eight will bring us back to what’s going on with Rue and her journey towards getting and hopefully staying clean.

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