Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal Coming Together Again For Hulu’s Aging Boxer Series ‘La Máquina’

It’s a sign that our society isn’t nearly advanced enough that Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal aren’t contractually obligated to co-star together at least 5 times a year. Thus, we must celebrate the opportunities as they come. Today, we rejoice.

A little over 20 years after Y Tu Mama Tambien, the collaborative pair will come together again for a Searchlight-produced Hulu original Spanish-language series called La Máquina. The series features Bernal as the over-the-hill boxer whose manager (Luna) scores him a final chance at winning the title. The bad news? They have to deal with some shadowy underworld entities to make it happen. Bernal and Luna will also produce, with Marco Ramirez (Daredevil, The Defenders) showrunning.

Searchlight Presidents Matthew Greenfield and David Greenbaum summed up how we all feel about the legendary partnership, saying, “It is a real honor to unite Gael and Diego onscreen again for La Máquina, their friendship and chemistry is a joy to experience. And we’re delighted to be working with Marco, whose unique voice and vision allows us to explore this world in a wholly original way.”

You really can’t beat their chemistry. Now let’s work on getting them together more often, huh?

(via The Wrap)