Those Dodge Durango Ads With Ron Burgundy? Will Ferrell Made 70 Of Them. Seventy.


When Chrysler teased four ads with Ron Burgundy hawking the Dodge Durango last week, we thought that it would be one or two quick ads. We were wrong. Really wrong. They’re doing 70 of them and, so far, they’re brilliant.

By some mahogany-wrapped miracle, Chrysler, Paramount and Will Ferrell got together and made 70 — sev-en-ty — different ads for the Durango. Not just TV ads. Some viral ads, Vines, skits and some stuff that’ll never make it to TV. And a few for the Dodge brand as a whole. [Jalopnik]

Dodge appears to be rolling the spots out a little bit at a time, so you might want to consider bookmarking their YouTube channel for the next month or two. Huh. Would you look at that? I just suggested you bookmark a corporate YouTube channel so you can watch Dodge Durango commercials. I really did not see this development coming. But I also didn’t expect to be endlessly delighted by Super Bowl commercials for Milwaukee’s Best, so score another one for Will Ferrell, I guess.

Anyway, I’m currently hitting refresh on that YouTube page every 30-40 seconds to see if there’s been an update to the Ron Burgundy vs. Ballroom Dancers saga. I’m already more emotionally invested in that story than I am in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.