Donald Glover Cryptically Explains On Hotel Stationery Why He Left ‘Community’

As fans of Community are already aware, Donald Glover is leaving the show this season after the first five episodes, which is terrible news. The upside is that, in the episode after Glover leaves, Abed’s road to recovery will include guest appearances on the show by Brie Larson, Nathan Fillion, Paget Brewster and Ben Folds.

But why is Donald Glover REALLY leaving?

The early speculation was that Glover was leaving Community to focus on his music career, and it’s the explanation most just kind of went along with. However, Glover never confirmed that himself. In fact, he never went on record with ANY explanation. Indeed, the once omnipresent force in social media all but quit posting on Twitter, and some speculated that he’d just burned out. Meanwhile, nobody on the show has really offered much in the way of an explanation, either. I heard Alison Brie on the Nerdist podcast a few weeks ago, and she wouldn’t say much at all, except that Glover is busy with new projects, like the new FX show he is planning to develop, write and star in.

Well, the increasingly mysterious reason behind Glover’s departure is now even MORE weirdly mysterious after Glover offered a hand-written explanation on stationery from a mid-level hotel franchise and posted it to Instagram.

It wasn’t to focus on his rap career.

OK? So, he wants to be on his own, do his own thing, be his own person? I get that, I guess. It’s just kind of … well, it seems like the sort of explanation a moody actor might provide, a guy with a lot of emotions.

UPDATE: Turns out, there were a lot more handwritten notes to go along with the one above (via Vulture). Clearly, Glover is in a funk, or in some kind of depression. We’re rooting for him.

(Source: Instagram)