Donald Trump Has Revealed The Latest ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Cast And There Are Some Real Gems This Season

Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice is like Dancing with the Stars to D-list celebrities who have already appeared on Dancing with the Stars or can’t really dance and have little contribution to society at this point — so let’s just film them being horrible to each other and be done with it. And this season looks like it won’t disappoint! Donald Trump revealed the 2015 cast on the Today show earlier this morning, and exceptionally notable of the cast are two mothers of the year Kate Gosselin and Brandi Glanville. Obviously we know Kate Gosselin is the mother of eight children that she exploits on reality TV for money, and Glanville is one of those Real Housewives ladies who routinely uses her kids as fuel in her never-ending feud with Leann Rimes (who, to be fair, home-wrecked her marriage).

Rounding out the cast is Ian Ziering, Geraldo Rivera, Gilbert Gottfried, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Leeza Gibbons, Kevin Jonas, Vivica A. Fox, Terrell Owens, Shawn Johnson, Lorenzo Lamas, noted baseball Sasquatch Johnny Damon, Deadliest Catch’s Sig Hansen, Olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson, and another Real Housewives lady who I don’t know, Kenya Moore.

I have personally never watched a season of Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice, and while I don’t want to give in now since Donald rump is a terrible person, between this stellar cast and the above image — which comes courtesy of Getty Images with zero explanation — I don’t see how there’s a way for me NOT to watch the crap out of this. Twenty bucks says Geraldo removes his shirt within the first two episodes.

(Via EOnline)