Watch Donald Trump Insult Ben Carson In Four Seconds In His ‘SNL’ Promos

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UPDATE: NBC swapped out the video with a new edit without the Carson joke. Variety managed to snag the original clip with Carson joke above.

Donald Trump‘s Saturday Night Live promos came out Wednesday, and the presidential candidate is here to remind you that he’s all about name calling his opponents and drawing out his vowels (as if we’d already forgotten).

With the help of SNL cast member Cecily Strong, the promos contain everything from FCC jokes to Trump’s predilection for proclaiming himself the best at everything. One promo revolves around the candidate insulting his rival Ben Carson in four seconds, which is all the time allotted to him due to the political “equal time rules for television.” What did he say? “So let me just say this. Ben Carson is a complete and total loser.”

There’s also a skit involving Strong and fellow cast member Sasheer Zamata talking about wanting a “real man” around, only to fall apart when Trump saunters over wearing aviators. And the most amusing sketch is when Trump does the standard introduction (“I’m Donald Trump and I’m hosting SNL with Sia”) and then walks away, leaving Strong to say, “And the ratings are gonna be…HUUUUGE,” in a cute imitation of Trump’s enunciation and hand gestures.

Everything’s pretty light and affable in these promos, so I hope the sketches on the actual show actually go after Trump (it’d be kind of cool if Trump himself allowed that). Either way, Strong is probably right about the ratings.

(via Variety)